My Toistories...

Toistories is a affectionate nickname Toi has given to all of her writings.  This multi-talent poet is also an author, rapper, songwriter, and choreographer.  Her Toistories are a reflection of her world and experiences she has had , personally and vicariously through others.  She speaks frequently about racial tensions, family, and self love.


Toi grew up in the Baptist church, but as an adult, has not accepted any organized religion as her own.  She does struggle with how her decision has changed her and you will see where she mentions this, including her continued love of God, throughout her work. "When God is in you, He comes out in everything that you do.  I do not have to explain my relationship with God or feel I have to go through a 3rd party to have his love.  I truly feel honored that He has chosen to use me, though I know that I am not worthy." Toi has been quoted saying.

"When they don't speak the truth, Sojourner, then I am the outcome.  People looking for a voice, female version of Malcolm." ~ Toi the Poetic Beauty

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