The Wrong Shelf

I was having a conversation with my 12 year old daughter about friends and how it took me a long time to put people on the correct "shelf". I have a truly big heart that is blind as 3 mice! I had a tendency of going out of my way to help (please) people that I just met and do the same for them, that I would do for people I have jumped off of porches with back when I was little. I found that this left my pocket, my gas, and me all on E. Once I had discovered that everyone needs to be on a certain shelf and EARN the right to be on that top shelf, the world became such a lovelier place to be. In order for me to put this new plan in action, I had to learn how to say a word that was so foreign to my tongue. The word 'no'!

Learning to say 'no', cleared my schedule and also people arranged themselves on the appropriate shelf with little or no help at all from me. If they had a problem with me saying no, then it became easier for me to continue to tell them no! Actually, 'no' is now my favorite word to say and I have to now remind myself to say 'yes' sometimes! But this took learning myself and learning to love myself and what I deserve. My circle is looking more like a line these days, and guess what, I am totally ok with this! I take care of all my shelves and dust them, but of course my top shelf is where all my trophies will remain.

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