You Gave It to Her

You Gave It to Her

Written by: Toi the Poetic Beauty

Date: 4/20/2017

How could you give her

The same thing you gave to me?

You said I was your ride or die

And we would ride off into eternity

This wasn't suppose to be

Me, being cheated on

My head is slow but

My heart immediately understood what was going on

It took awhile for my head to register

Because it still wants to treasure

The memories of me and you

Now what am I suppose to do?

You fucked her on the same wall

You fucked me on

You told her the same thing you told me

That she is where you belong

You whispered to her that, "This dick is yours!"

Do you have this shit on repeat

And just play it all day long

For anyone who could get turned on with a heartbeat?

I would have died for you!

Took a bullet between the eyes for you

There goes our children that will never be born now

You can walk away from us so easily, but somehow

I am still holding on to that slim hope

That you will be like rubber and bounce back to reality

And the reason why God made you

It was so he could give you back to me

Just leave her alone

I will learn to accept your lie

And I will do my very best to try

To turn a blind eye

To this hiccup in our way

Because I still dream of the day

That you will give me your last name, just like you said you would

I will overlook this time how you treated me no good

How can you live a life with her that you made for me?

Was I just practice? Were we ever meant to be?

So many questions and I know the answers, but hope they are wrong

This is our story and she doesn't belong

Bible scriptures taped everywhere

So victory I can claim

But you could give a fuck about me

And that's a damn shame

You lied to me!

That's not fair because I told you the truth

I knew she was there

I felt it when I was with you

Conversations use to last

As long as wax melting

Then to a minute or two

And this was just not helping

I trusted my heart like I trusted you

And with the both of you, it led me here

The bread crumbs are missing, Hansel

Now Greta's path is unclear

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