Warning: This Will Offend You!

Warning: This Will Offend You!

Written by: Toi the Poetic Beauty

Date: 3/19/17

Trying to embrace the ideology of the motherland

Putting this in a Toistory so maybe you will understand

I didn't want to disrespect the way I was brought up

But it was time that the sun shined and I wake the fuck up

Why can't we accept that which we know is true?

Believing a religion that wasn't made for you

It was use only to

Control a society and make money in the process

This will offend quite a few you, but you know, I really could care less

Because someone had to say it

And it mine as well be me

Where was the white Jesus when

Our ancestors were hanging from a tree?

Oh, he was there alright

Each and every time

Blood dripping onto the text

As they swung when the wind blew, tree chimes

Don't talk to me about my afterlife destination

When you can accept your present one

You think that all you have to do is eat some crackers

And drinks some juice

And believe in some white woman's son?

I know you feel you have to believe in something

It feels good to have faith

But don't you dare take that book of lies

And push into my face

When I have all sorts of pastors

Right now tapping into my DM

And before you get mad at me

Your pastor might be one of them

I believe in a higher power

Regardless of his or her name

And just because I don't believe what you are trying to force feed

Doesn't mean I don't love God the same

Yeah, I might have offended some of you

And you probably think my soul is dammed to hell

But you are so brainwashed that you can't

Even distinguish between facts and tall tales

But no, believe what you want

Believe in the tree huggers

Believe Jesus Christ didn't have any lovers

Believe in the man with the big belly

But do not disregard that you could be very


You live your life in way that makes you a good person

And leave every one else's lifestyles alone

Because the only book I will take as the gospel and not consider a lie

Is if the author wrote it while sipping Mai Thai's from the other side

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