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April 10, 2007, would be a day of celebration and mourning as Toi would end up saying goodbye to the woman who was her safe haven, her grandmother.  Irma Newton died on her 74th birthday without hearing Toi tell her, "Happy birthday!"  Toi would later write about this in her poetry.

April 2015, would be the rekindling of the relationship between Toi and her pen.  Now being a wife for over 15 years and a mother of a daughter and a son, Toi was force to go back to her writing for comfort. With the height of the media displaying images of how young black men were being gun down by police and vigilantes, she took back the one thing that her Grandmother taught her to do, write.  This began her #BringJusticeToMyRhyme movement and her nicknaming her poetry, "Toistories". After her first Toistory, "My Son Was Killed, Again!" she made a new vow to never put her pen down again and be driven by her purpose to reach the world with her words. 

Toi "The Poetic Beauty" Sibley was born LaToya Jackson in Alexandria, La.  She began writing at the age of 9, with small short stories to entertain her friends and her Grandmother.  Toi's Grandmother, Irma Jean Newton, would prove to be a powerful force behind her writing by requesting her to write poems for school and for church. Toi's innate ability wowed the crowds, but she did not yet accept this as her gift.  However, Toi continued to write for entertainment and for her own healing.

In the Summer of 2001, in a haste to throw out all of her old notebooks and folders, Toi accidentally threw away most of her life's work of poetry and stories.  This sent Toi into a deep depression and she stopped taking writing serious and even put a novel that she was writing to a screeching halt.  She vowed to not write again.

I miss you, Mama! I know you would tell me exactly what I needed to hear.jpg You always did
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